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"...(Amin) has a clear affinity conducting and motivating young musicians, a real gift! He is affable and professional at all times, courteous and punctual..."

Professor Allan Neave, Teacher/acting head of strings at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland



"Amin is an asset to our lives in this country. He brings an immeasurable amount of goodness and kindness, an unwavering work ethic, energy in abundance and the desire to enrich all our lives with his music making."

​Richard Howarth, Violinist, Conductor of Sale Chamber Orchestra

"I consider him to be a very talented young man who has great promise as a violinist and a conductor...I believe he has the potential to achieve the highest levels as a musician..."
Roland Roberts, Teacher at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Violinist, conductor​​


"Last year and last week, Amin was a guest violinist with my orchestra and played superb solos for an annual charity event to raise funds and awareness for UNICEF, It was a pleasure for everyone to listen to him....​"

Richard Howarth, Violinist, Conductor of Sale Chamber Orchestra

“...As a person Amin is remarkably positive and generous...He is technically very accomplished as a violinist and is certainly destined to be an outstanding player. He also has a wide knowledge and interest in other aspects of music including composition and conducting…he has a mature understanding of music well beyond his years…”

Graham Coatman, Composer, Conductor at Leeds College of Music

"Amin made a very positive impact at the orchestra (Hale Light Orchestra) through his natural talents as a gifted violinist and his very friendly and amiable manner... He is a very gifted, enthusiastic and friendly musician..."
Andy Bate, Chairman & Leader of Hale Light Orchestra

"A significant and valued contribution has been made by Amin, not only to his course, but also to the whole music college... I consider him to have a lot of natural musical ability, a keen ear and considerable potential in this subject (music)..."

Sue Ireland, Course Leader of BTEC National Diploma, Leeds College of Music



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