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Amin Keshmiri is an Iranian conductor, instrumentalist and composer. He began playing the violin at the age of 4 despite the difficulties to study music in Iran. At the age of 14, having performed to one of the greatest Iranian conductors and composers, Majid Entezami who was very impressed by Amin's abilities at playing the violin, Amin studied in Isfahan Music High School and was the leader of Isfahan Symphony Orchestras conducted by Majid Entezami himself, Isfahan National Orchestra, Pegah Symphony Orchestra, Payvar ensemble, Isfahan Music School's Symphony orchestra and in various chamber ensembles.


In 2009, Amin moved to the UK in order to continue his studies. Upon arrival in the UK, he was invited to perform in orchestras such as Beethoven Symphony Orchestra, Hale Light Orchestra and Sale Chamber Orchestra where he met  Richard Howarth who was very impressed by Amin's musical abilities and violin techniques and they started working together ever since. Shortly after, Amin started studying  at the Leeds College of Music where he had such influential performances such as his performances at the BBC venue with LCM symphony orchestra and LCM sinfonietta. He also took up conducting and started having regular lessons under John Anderson.


In autumn of 2011, Amin won the "The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Trust" award and moved to Glasgow, Scotland to continue his studies as a conductor and a violinist at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (formerly known as the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama). Since then, he has studied with Dr. Mieko Kanno (Former head of strings), Roland Roberts, Dr. Alastair Mitchell, Greg Lawson and Gina McCormack and Bernard Docherty. Apart from being involved with chamber groups and various orchestras as a violinist and soloist, Amin has been conducting orchestras at the RCS as well and has been involved in master-classes and mentoring sessions with great conductors such as Christian Kluxen, Garry Walker, David Danzmyr and Jean Claude Picard. He soon founded and established his own orchestra, ASO "Arezoo (Wish and Ambition) Symphony Orchestra" to introduce and promote Persian Classical music. He also is one of the founders of the "Keshmiri Ensemble". He is currently studying with Sian Edwards (Head of Conducting at the Royal Academy of Music in London). 

In 2013, Amin was the guest conductor and guest soloist of the Sale Chamber Orchestra for their yearly concert for the UNICEF for the 4th time. A few months later, he was awarded the "Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Trust" for the second time. He also played side by side with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra in the same year. He has also performed at the opening ceremony of Edinburgh Iranian Festival (2015-2017). He has also performed with Darya Dadvar and the ASO.


As a composer, Amin has been writing a large portion of orchestral music including his first Symphony and a “Persian” piano concerto. He has also been composing music for films such as “The Scribbler” which won the best “drama” award at the Royal Television Society. He has also been nominated for the BAFTA 2015 for best music for motion picture. He is also a recipient of the "World Peace Tartan" Presented by Victor Spence. 

He is currently a doctoral candicate at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and University of St Andrews.

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